OpenAI CEO Sam Altman Openly Shows Support For Palestine And Muslims, Earns Global Admiration

The CEO and co-founder of OpenAI, Sam Altman, is making it very clear that despite being an American Jew, he is all support for Muslims, Arab, and Palestinian workers in the world of tech.

The leading tech entrepreneur weighed in his thoughts on what he felt about the current war in Gaza and how it needed to stop. He failed to side with Israel, leaving many stunned with his bold statements on the subject.

It was also interesting for him to represent the voices of millions of suppressed individuals arising from the Muslim and Arab communities, earning him a new form of respect from fans around the globe.

These statements were recently published on the X platform and had plenty of people talking for obvious reasons. Altman mentioned how many are oppressed and therefore cannot even voice their thoughts on social media, fearing the consequences of their actions which he says is alarming.

He also appreciated how many arising from that part of the world continue to openly show him support and respect and for that, he’s always grateful.

But at the same time, he did agree that many Jews in today’s world turn into easy targets for the likes of antisemitism, and that continues to be a leading problem around the globe.

Just one month back, he published through his X account how wrong he was regarding anti-semitism, mainly due to American Left political opinions. He also mentioned how the matter was harder to put into words as the controversies surrounding this subject were immense.

ChatGPT was also a subject of his conversations including how strongly he felt about the AI tool not doing a great job at being fair in terms of showing accurate content alone. He delineated how it was alarming to see Jews as well as Muslims become targets of prejudice and how it needed to stop.

Even posts related to the subject of humor should no longer be targeting members of different races, ethnicities, or religions- he added. All of these remarks came after a certain query arose from one follower who asked the CEO his thoughts on the power of AI and how its influence is causing a rift in society.

This is not the first time that ChatGPT has been slammed by big names. A prominent journalist from Iraq also made it very clear how it was shocking to see the Chatbot make bizarre statements after being given prompts about the Gaza turmoil. “They favor Israel instead of printing the clear picture to the world”- Mona Chalabi added.

Seeing Sam Altman’s statements in defense of Palestinians at a time when the world is seeing the oppression take place daily in Gaza clearly leaves a lasting mark in the minds of fans. They feel someone of this caliber needed to put the truth forward and after this, it’s likely his fan base rising in the Muslim and Arab world would intensify in numbers.

This marks the first time that one leading and high-profile individual in the tech industry has put out their thoughts on the military campaign by Israel and how strongly he condemns the act as innocent loss of life is never acceptable.

But making one side of the world happy might not be taken too positively by the others in the West who continue to support Israel and the brutal acts of violence taking place daily.

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