7 Top Applications of GPT-4o (With Demo)


Finally, the much-awaited time has come! With their exciting Spring Update event, OpenAI revealed GPT-4o after months of anticipation and conjecture. Get ready, for this AI feat will completely change how we see the world! Did you find ChatGPT and GPT-3 to be impressive? You’re about to get your head blown away in many ways. With its versatile brilliance, GPT-4o is like the superhero update we’ve all been waiting for, swooping in to rescue the day with its various applications.

The distinction between human and artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly hazy with GPT-4o. This innovative new model has the potential to completely transform almost every element of our lives, including healthcare, education, entertainment, and more. So fasten your seatbelts and prepare for the ride of your life as we are going to see how GPT-4o can be used to do anything!


Features of GPT-4o

Here are five major features of GPT-4o that stand out:

  1. Multimodal Capabilities:  GPT-4o is a multimodal AI model that simultaneously understands and generates content across text, images, and audio. This allows for seamless and natural interactions, whether you type, speak, or share visuals with the model. You can have conversations mixing different modalities fluidly.
  2. Real-Time Audio Interactions: One of its most exceptional features is the ability to have real-time audio discussions using GPT-4o; it’s almost like speaking with a human. Its immediate verbal reaction, speech comprehension, and even awareness of audio conditions like background noise and speaker emotions allow for more realistic-sounding voice interfaces.
  3. Enhanced Multilingual Support: GPT-4o has greatly improved multilingual capabilities compared to previous models. It can communicate fluently in dozens of languages, making it accessible to more users globally. The model demonstrates more robust performance in non-English languages and translation tasks.
  4. Advanced Vision Understanding: GPT-4o exhibits state-of-the-art visual perception and understanding abilities. It can analyze images in great detail, perceive objects, text, environments, and much more. This computer vision prowess allows GPT-4o to provide rich insights, answer visual queries, and connect images to language seamlessly.
  5. Creative Capabilities: Surprisingly, GPT-4o displays remarkable creative skills in creative writing, music composition, and even combining different modalities artistically. It can generate original poems, song lyrics, melodies, and even visuals from text prompts. Therefore, it showcases an ability to produce novel content beyond just analysis.

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Things GPT-4o Can Do

So, we tested out a number of various applications of GPT-4o to find out what it can and can’t do. Here are a few things this new model can do best:

Translating Visual Text into Digital Knowledge

GPT-4o’s ability to read text from images, including handwriting. This feature is useful for digitizing notes, letters, or written material. Whether it’s a quick scribble on a napkin or a detailed handwritten report, GPT-4o can transcribe the text, making it searchable and editable.

GPT-4o can read hand-written text

Moreover, it can identify names within the text and link them to famous personalities, providing context and background information. This capability extends to categorizing lists of items, which can be a boon for managing inventory, planning events, or conducting research.

GPT-4o can categorize list items

From Plate to Recipe: Culinary Discoveries with a Click

Imagine pointing your camera at a dish and receiving the name of the food and a detailed recipe to recreate it at home. GPT-4o makes this possible by identifying food from images and retrieving recipes from its extensive database. It doesn’t stop there; the AI can suggest alternative ingredients, catering to dietary preferences or restrictions, and offer cooking tips to ensure your culinary endeavors are successful.

GPT-4o can identify food and provide recipes

A Personal Tutor in Your Pocket

GPT-4o serves as an invaluable educational resource, especially when it comes to homework. Students of all levels can benefit from its quick and accurate solutions to various mathematical problems. GPT-4o offers detailed explanations to support learners in various areas, from trigonometry to geometry, integral functions, quadratic equations, and fundamental arithmetic. It’s similar to always having a personal instructor on hand to help you navigate the complexities of mathematics.

GPT-4o can solve math problems and help with your homework

Deciphering the Stock Market

Anyone in the stock market can benefit significantly from GPT-4o’s aptitude for interpreting and evaluating charts and graphs. Due to its capacity to read complex stock market graphs, GPT-4o can offer insights into market patterns, price changes, and possible investment opportunities. It can analyze trends and indications and produce results that assist investors in making wise choices. The analytical capabilities of GPT-4o may be pretty helpful in understanding the complexity of the financial markets, regardless of your experience as a trader or investor.

GPT-4o can read graphs and charts

Designing Spaces with a Digital Touch

GPT-4o enters the creative sphere of interior design by providing suggestions on furniture, colors, textures, and other components that go into a room. It could offer a unified design concept that captures both your desired functionality and sense of style. Moreover, GPT-4o can visually represent what the designed space might look like, providing a digital mockup that brings your vision closer to reality. This feature is useful for visualizing potential renovations or redecorating projects before making any physical changes.

GPT-4o can help design a space

Mastering the Interview To Make Your Confidence Skyrocket

Interview preparation can be daunting, whether for a job in Python programming, data science, editorial roles, or even a college interview. GPT-4o is a virtual coach that provides mock interview sessions that mimic real-life scenarios. It can generate questions typical of these interviews, offer feedback on responses, and even simulate the pressure of a timed interview environment. For technical roles, such as Python or data science positions, GPT-4o can pose coding challenges and problems to solve, offering insights into the logic and efficiency of the solutions. For editorial roles, it can critique writing samples and suggest improvements. College interviewees can benefit from questions that test their critical thinking and personal expression.

Efficient Meeting Summaries with a Click

Beyond interview prep, GPT-4o is an invaluable tool for meeting management. It can create concise and accurate summaries or meeting minutes, capturing the essence of discussions, decisions, and action items. This feature ensures that key points are not lost and all participants have a clear record of the proceedings. It saves time and enhances team communication, making tracking progress and following up on commitments easier.

Everyday Applications of GPT-4o

Beyond its technological capabilities, GPT-4o’s adaptability is evident in real-world uses that speak to consumers on a human level. It may make you grin with a dad joke, sing “Happy Birthday” to make someone’s special day even more enjoyable, or use sarcasm to have a lighthearted conversation. Its real-time translation capabilities remove language barriers, which promote international relations. Furthermore, GPT-4o can detect and describe objects in several languages with its object recognition function and language translation capabilities, which improve accessibility and learning.

Limitations of GPT-4o

From our experiments, we also found a few tasks that GPT-4o is not yet ready to handle. Here are some of them:

Unsung Music and Melody

One area where GPT-4o has yet to make its mark is music creation and singing. While GPT-4o can’t identify a song from humming or create new music and background scores, it has music-related capabilities worth noting. GPT-4o can read lyrics precisely, making it useful for lyricists and musicians who want to refine their written work. If you provide the first few lines of a song, GPT-4o can craft an entire song, expanding on themes, rhymes, and structures to complete a piece.

GPT-4o cannot create music

Habit Formation: A Guiding Hand Without the Nudge

When building habits, such as practicing yoga or learning a new language, GPT-4o’s assistance takes on a more advisory role. It can suggest strategies for habit formation, offer advice on structuring practice sessions or study routines, and point you toward external links and content that can aid in your habit-building journey. However, GPT-4o lacks the functionality to send automatic reminders or schedule online content delivery, which means the onus of staying on track with habits remains with the user.

Making Your Day Efficient: Scheduling Calendar

Can GPT-4o schedule my calendar? Many users ponder this question. The answer lies in understanding GPT-4o’s capabilities. While GPT-4o can suggest a schedule based on the user’s input, it does not have direct access to personal calendars or scheduling software.

Rack Your Brain For Solutions

While GPT-4o can assist with various skills, unfortunately, logical reasoning tasks aren’t one of them. Improving logical reasoning capabilities is crucial for AI systems like GPT-4o. This would enhance their problem-solving skills and ability to assist in more complex tasks.

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OpenAI’s GPT-4o represents a quantum leap in the evolution of large language models (LLMs), marking a significant milestone in the journey of artificial intelligence. Its development is a testament to OpenAI’s unwavering commitment to advancing the AI frontier. With its multimodal capabilities, GPT-4o transcends traditional text-based interactions, comprehending and generating content across text, images, and audio. This breakthrough paves the way for more nuanced and dynamic human-AI interactions, mirroring real-time human communication with remarkable fidelity.

GPT-4o is more than just an AI; it’s a companion who brings comedy, help, and comprehension into our lives. As we continue to explore its applications, feel free to share your experiments with GPT-4o in our comments section!

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