Traditional Search on the Rise?

Data from BrightEdge reveals a significant increase in Google search queries without SGE (Search Generative Experience), rising from 25% in April 2024 to 65% before May 2024. This spike coincided with speculation surrounding SGE’s potential launch before or during Google I/O. The surge in queries without SGE correlates with Google’s opt-in results type, suggesting users’ preference for traditional search results over AI-generated content.

Concerns among SEOs heighten as Google SGE transitions from an opt-in experiment to the default experience. Google’s strategic testing aims to enhance search results, evidenced by the decrease in SGE size from approximately 1200 pixels in April 2024 to under 1050 pixels in May 2024.

Furthermore, the format of SGE experienced a decline in April, while apparel carousel results saw an uptick. Although classic search remains pivotal, the emergence of Artificial Intelligence Optimization (AIO) signals a shifting landscape in search dynamics.

As Google continues to refine SGE for optimal user experience, marketers must adapt to the evolving landscape of generative AI search to provide a good search experience to users. But now users have to also adapt to generative AI search.

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