Top 7 Tools to Chat with PDFs


Say goodbye to static documents and hello to real-time chats, shared annotations, and an all-new level of engagement. Whether you’re working on a team project or want to spice up your document discussions, these tools are your secret sauce for a more interactive and efficient PDF experience. Are you ready to revolutionize your work with tools to chat with PDFs with these 7 Game-changing tools? Let’s get started!


The ChatPDF application stands out as a top-tier AI PDF summarizer, allowing users to engage interactively with their PDF documents. The process is straightforward – either upload your PDF file or import it from a URL.

In addition to its online PDF search capability, ChatPDF incorporates a PDF search feature. Noteworthy tool features include support for multiple languages and integration with GPT-3.5. However, it’s important to note that ChatPDF cannot read images within PDF files. ChatPDF provides export functionalities and the ability to save chat histories.

Tools to Chat with PDFs | ChatPDF

Key Features

  • Ask questions about any PDF: Upload a PDF or enter a URL, and ChatPDF will use AI to answer your questions about it. This can be helpful for students studying research papers, professionals working with complex documents, or anyone who wants to quickly understand the key points of a PDF.
  • Get summaries and insights: ChatPDF can provide short summaries of PDFs, as well as identify key points, figures, and tables. This can save you time and help you focus on the most important information.
  • Translate PDFs: ChatPDF can translate PDFs into multiple languages. This can be helpful for reading documents in languages you don’t understand.
  • Share your chats: You can share your ChatPDF conversations with others via a link or social media. This can be helpful for collaborating on research or simply sharing interesting findings.


ChatPDF offers a free plan with limited features, as well as a paid plan with more features and higher limits. The paid plan costs Rs.329 per month or Rs.2302.99 per Annum.

Feature Free Plan Paid Plan
No of Pfds 2 Unlimited
Pages per PDF 120 2000
Questions 50 Unlimited
Storage Limit 10MB/PDF 32MB/PDF


ChatDOC utilizes ChatGPT to examine documents and extract information based on their content. Once you’ve created an account, you can upload any PDF or document to ChatDOC.

After the analysis is complete, you can engage in a conversation with ChatDOC. Keep in mind that the conversation might be somewhat generic. Additionally, analyzing even a five-page PDF takes a few minutes, so it’s not suitable for quick inquiries.

One of ChatDOC’s advantages is its ability to suggest questions. To enhance your initial interaction with this AI chatbot, especially if you’re unsure about what to ask or if it’s your first time, here are some recommended questions. You can take advantage of a free trial by uploading up to two documents totaling twenty pages.

ChatDOC | Tools to Chat with PDFs

Key Features

  • AI-powered chat interface: Ask specific questions about documents in a natural, conversational way.
  • Multi-file support: Analyze PDFs, Word documents, text files, epubs, URLs, and even scanned documents.
  • In-depth understanding: Extract meaning from text, tables, and charts, allowing you to ask complex questions.
  • On-page references: Get cited sources for every answer, ensuring accuracy and reliability.
  • Document summarization: Quickly grasp the main points of lengthy documents.
  • Customized collections: Group relevant documents together for easier access and cross-referencing.
  • Multiple languages: Analyze and output text in English, German, Italian, French, Chinese, and more.
  • OCR capability: Extract text from scanned documents for analysis.
  • Available on web, desktop, and mobile: Access ChatDOC anywhere, anytime.


ChatDOC provides a free plan with restricted features and a paid plan offering enhanced features and increased limits. The paid subscription is available at $8.99 per month or $89.9 annually.

Features Free Plan Paid Plan
File upload limit 2/Day, 10 in Total 300/30 days
Question limit 20/day, 100 in total 300 per day
Page limit per file 20 Unlimited
Max file size 36 MB 36 MB
OCR page No 500/30 Days
GPT-4 (paid add-on) No Yes
Formula recognition No Yes
File limit per collection 30 Unlimited
Supported file type PDF PDF, DOC, DOCX, SCAN, 


PDF.AI allows you to generate documents and interact with the chatbot, with each component conveniently separated by tabs—a distinctive feature. Your uploaded documents and chat history are easily accessible from the dashboard.

Transparency is ensured with’s source page numbers, providing clear references for each answer. Clicking on the source allows direct access to the corresponding page within the document.

Every response includes a link to the file’s source (the page number), enabling a direct click to navigate to that specific page in the file. The file can be viewed and zoomed in using the available display and zoom options. Want to try it? | Tools to Chat with PDFs

Key Features

  • Chat with PDFs: Upload a PDF and “chat” with it to ask questions, summarize information, find specific details, or highlight key points.
  • Extract Data: Easily pull data from tables, charts, and text in your PDFs for use in spreadsheets or other applications.
  • Summarize Documents: Get a concise overview of your PDFs, ideal for quickly understanding complex documents.
  • Redact Information: Permanently remove sensitive information from your PDFs before sharing them.
  • Translate Languages: Translate your PDFs between 3 languages (English, Spanish, French).
  • Chrome Extension: Access functionality directly from your browser with the Chrome extension.
  • Collaboration Tools: Share PDFs with collaborators and add comments or annotations.
  • Integrations: Connect with other tools like Zapier and Dropbox for further automation.


Plan Name

Monthly Plan

Annual Plan



Free forever


$15 /month

$10 /Month


$25 /user /month

$20 /user /month


$35 /user /month

$30 /user /month

PDF upload limit 1 100 Unlimited Unlimited
Monthly questions limit 500 5,000 Unlimited Unlimited
OCR support Yes Yes Yes Yes
Chrome extension Yes Yes Yes Yes
Chat with all PDFs Yes Yes Yes
Max file size 10MB 50MB 50MB 100MB
GPT-4(credits required) Yes Yes Yes
Invite team members Yes Yes
Capture & ask(demo) Yes
White-labeled PDF embed Yes
API access Limited non-commercial use Commercial use (add-on plan)
New feature early access Yes
Customer support Email Email & Chat Email & Chat with priority

Ask Your PDF

Utilize the ChatGPT-powered tool on AskYourPDF to swiftly upload PDFs and extract valuable information. AskYourPDF stands out as a top-tier AI-powered PDF interaction tool, providing insightful responses to your queries based on the uploaded document’s content.

Ask your PDF | Tools to Chat with PDFs

By adopting the role of a teacher, you can deepen your comprehension of intricate concepts discussed within the file. The tool’s state-of-the-art technology ensures seamless navigation and understanding of even the most complex documents. Take advantage of the interactive and efficient learning environment offered by AskyourPDF’s chat system.

Alternatively, share a unique link to the PDF, allowing others to reference it in the future. Rest assured, as your chat history remains private, eliminating concerns about other users accessing it. Try it now!

Key Features

  • Ask Questions in Natural Language: Instead of scrolling through pages, you can ask AskYourPDF questions about the document, such as “What is the main argument of this paper?” or “What are the key takeaways from this contract?”
  • Smart Highlighting: AskYourPDF will highlight the document’s sections relevant to your question, making it easy to find the necessary information.
  • Table of Contents: AskYourPDF automatically generates a table of contents for your document, even if it doesn’t have one originally. This makes it easy to navigate long documents.
  • Summarization: AskYourPDF can provide a summary of the document, which helps get a quick overview of the content.
  • Key Points Extraction: AskYourPDF can identify the document’s key points, which can help you study or prepare for a meeting.
  • Sentiment Analysis: AskYourPDF can tell you the overall sentiment of the document, such as whether it is positive, negative, or neutral.
  • Translation: AskYourPDF can translate documents into over 100 languages.
  • Annotation: You can add annotations to your documents, such as highlights, notes, and comments.
  • Collaboration: You can share your documents with others and collaborate on them in real-time.


Free Plan Premium Pro
Free $ 14.99 /month Monthly Plan

$ 11.99 /month Annually Plan

$ 19.99 /month Monthly Plan

$ 14.99 /month Annually Plan

100 pages per document(max 15MB) 2500 pages per document(max 30MB) 6000 pages per document(max 90MB)
Max upload size: 15MB Max upload size: 30MB Max upload size: 90MB
50 questions per day 1200 questions per day Unlimited questions
3 conversations per day 50 conversations per day Unlimited Conversations
1 document per day 50 documents per day 150 documents per day
  GPT-3.5 GPT-3.5
  GPT-4 model (Credits required)


GPT-4 model (Credits required)


  Claude 2 (Credits required) Claude 2 (Credits required)
  Chat with multiple documents at once

(Knowledge Base)

Chat with multiple documents at once

(Knowledge Base)

  Access to Summarisation Service

(Additional credits may be required)

Access to Summarisation Service

(Additional credits may be required)

  10 Free Credits 30 Free Credits
  Chrome Extension Access Chrome Extension Access
  OCR Support Unlimited ChatGPT Plugin Question
    OCR Support
    Longer Reply Length
    Priority support
    Priority access to new features


ZenoChat, developed by TextCortex, serves as a versatile tool. Tailoring conversations to your specifications, ZenoChat delivers an enhanced service with a primary emphasis on knowledge. Upon mastering the art of prompting ZenoChat, you’ll unlock its potential to yield highly effective responses from the provided PDFs. Check it out here!

ZenoChat | Tools to Chat with PDFs

Key Features

  • Conversational AI: ZenoChat can hold natural and engaging conversations, understand your context, and respond appropriately.
  • Up-to-date Knowledge: With access to recent Google data and web search capabilities, ZenoChat stays informed on current events and topics.
  • Source citations: When asked about something, ZenoChat can provide relevant information and include links to its sources, ensuring transparency and accuracy.
  • Cross-platform Integration: Use ZenoChat across 2000+ websites without switching tabs, enhancing your online experience.
  • Persona Customization: Create custom personas for ZenoChat to adapt its tone and personality to specific scenarios or brands.
  • Content Creation Tools: ZenoChat offers writing assistants for different formats like emails, scripts, poems, and musical pieces.
  • No Creation Limit: Unlike many AIs, ZenoChat allows you to generate as much content as you need without restrictions.


ZenoChat currently offers a freemium model with a limited set of features:

  • Free Plan:

    • 10 interactions per day
    • Limited access to web search and content creation tools
    • Personalization features are unavailable
  • Paid Plans:

    • Several paid plans are available with varying levels of features and interaction limits.
    • Prices range from $19 to $99 per month.
    • Additional features include unlimited interactions, custom personas, priority support, and access to exclusive functionalities.

PDFGPT.IO offers a convenient solution for summarizing PDFs and addressing queries online. Effortlessly upload your PDF documents to the tool to receive concise summaries and accurate responses. This AI reader excels in extracting crucial information from coursework, research papers, and extensive client requirements, employing advanced artificial intelligence algorithms. Enhance your PDF reading and query generation efficiency with PDFGPT.IO. Beyond just viewing PDFs, this AI PDF reader allows you to generate queries directly from its interface. Try this tool here!


Key Features

  • Chat with PDFs: Upload a PDF and ask it questions or give it instructions like “Summarize this section for me” or “Extract the key points of this chapter.” PDFGPT will understand the context and respond accordingly.
  • Summarize Long PDFs: Get a concise overview of lengthy PDFs, saving you time and effort.
  • Generate New Documents: Based on your instructions, PDFGPT can create new documents from the content of your PDF, such as presentations, reports, or Q&A sheets.
  • Extract Data: Easily pull specific data points or tables from your PDFs and export them to other formats like Excel or CSV.
  • Integrate with OpenAI API: Use your own OpenAI API key to power PDFGPT and customize its responses.
  • Multiple Languages: PDFGPT supports English, French, Spanish, German, and Portuguese.


Advance Ultimate Premium
10000 pages/month 25000 pages/montn 70000 pages/montn
1000 questions/month 2000 questions/month 4000 questions/month
References on responses References on responses References on responses
Preserve history upto 7 days Preserve history upto 14 days Preserve history upto 21 days
Chat & Email Support Chat & Email Support Chat, Email & Call Support


Unriddle is a software application employing the GPT-4 language model to engage in conversational interactions with your PDFs and documents. To utilize Unriddle, upload a file, paste text, or provide a file link upon signing in. Supported document formats encompass PDFs, DOCXs, PowerPoint, and Excel.

You will gain access to Unriddle’s chat interface upon uploading your chosen file. Through this interface, you can inquire about the content of your uploaded files or receive concise summaries.

Key Features

  • Instant Answers and Insights: Ask questions related to your uploaded documents and Unriddle’s AI will provide instant answers and summaries, extracting key points and insights.
  • Effortless Idea Connection: Unriddle automatically connects concepts and ideas across your library, helping you discover unseen relationships and uncover new perspectives.
  • Effective Comprehension: Quickly grasp complex texts and documents with Unriddle’s AI-powered summaries and highlighted passages, saving you time and effort.
  • Enhanced Writing: Write with confidence using Unriddle’s text generation, citation builder, and plagiarism checker. Get help crafting introductions, conclusions, and even full outlines for your writing.
  • Chat-like Interface: Ask questions about your research in a natural conversational way and get instant, relevant answers.
  • Highlighting and Annotation: Easily highlight key passages and add annotations directly within Unriddle to organize your research and ideas.
  • Organize your Research: Group and label your documents to keep your research organized and easily accessible.


Free Plan

  • 15 AI text generations/month
  • 5 uploads/month
  • 120 pages / 30 MB per upload
  • Inactive notes and documents deleted after 60 days

Pro Plan ( $16 per month billed yearly / $20 per month billed Monthly )

  • Everything in Free Plan
  • Unlimited AI text generations
  • Unlimited uploads
  • 2000 pages / 50MB per upload
  • Chat history

Premium Plan ( $24 per month billed yearly / $30 per month billed Monthly )

  • Everything in Pro Plan
  • Access to our premium, more intelligent model built on GPT-4.
  • 4000 pages / 150MB per upload
  • Early access to new features
  • Priority support

Team Plan ( $24 per month per user billed yearly / $16 per month per user billed Monthly )

  • Everything in Premium Plan
  • Invite team members
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Manage and revoke access
  • Dedicated account manager


In this article, these seven game-changing tools—ChatPDF, ChatDOC, PDF.AI, Ask Your PDF, ZenoChat,, and Unriddle—have revolutionized how we interact with PDF documents. Whether you seek dynamic conversations, real-time summarizations, or enhanced comprehension, each tool offers unique features to elevate your PDF experience. From AI-powered analysis and summarization to collaborative functionalities and language translation, these tools cater to diverse needs. Embrace the future of PDF engagement and efficiency with these innovative solutions, and unlock a new realm of possibilities in your document interactions.

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