The Positive Future For Humanity By 2030 Due To AGI (artificial general intelligence) | by Dr. Sakshee Shrivastava | Apr, 2024

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AI has already taken the world by storm. It has entered all the areas and made our life easier. Earlier, AI was thought to be a threat to the jobs of millions. Little did people know that it would help them perform their tasks better and not replace them.

Imagine a future where AGI has taken completely over our lives by 2030. Many countries are already taking a step forward in this direction.

Which sphere do you think will benefit the most from AGI?


Yes, you guessed it right. Healthcare would benefit the most. It will help in early diagnosis and prompt treatment thus saving valuable lives. Through AGI healthcare would be accessible to one and all and in the remotest places.

Do you know what is the leading cause of death? Healthcare was not accessible to people when they needed it the most. AGI will act as a bridge and save millions of lives.

Disaster management

Sustainability has been such a hype these days. “Saving the planet for future generations”. AGI would help us save everything from wood and trees to effective resource management to allocation. It will help us practice sustainability, reduce waste, and conserve energy.


Everyone deserves equal opportunity for education irrespective of their affordability or location. AGI will cross the barriers to education and help students become what they always wanted. It will help diversify the education and inculcate better understanding.


No AGI will not take up your job. It will handle menial tasks for you which will help you to focus on what is needed. You will be able to better provide your input on creativity and ideas.

Global Connectivity

What if you want a job in Paris and you cannot speak French? Trouble right? AGI would help you cross that language barrier and assist in the process.

In this way no matter where you are you will be able to “Fit In” because of AGI.


AGI has a lot of benefits, but it can be misused too. Hence ethical use of AGI is extremely crucial for the betterment of humankind. Any organization using AGI must value transparency and accountability.

Exploring Space

Who does not want the flag of their country on different planets? Who does not want to explore other planets? With depleting resources and frequent calamities, it is only natural for people to explore other planets. AGI will help in that regard. AGI would help you to explore, discover, and even survive better.

These uses of AGI require careful considerations and implications, but no matter what the pros are more than cons. AGI is a powerful tool that will uplift mankind and you will see yourself driving cars in the air by 2030. Excited much?

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