Tech companies want to build artificial general intelligence. But who decides when AGI is attained? | National

There’s a race underway to build artificial general intelligence, a futuristic vision of machines that are as broadly smart as humans or at least can do many things as well as people can.

Achieving such a concept — commonly referred to as AGI — is the driving mission of ChatGPT-maker OpenAI and a priority for the elite research wings of tech giants Amazon, Google, Meta and Microsoft.

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kAmx? 564:5:?8 36EH66? 2? “@=5\D49@@= px :?DE:EFE6” @C @?6 H9@D6 “8@2= 😀 E@ 3F:=5 pvx” 2?5 92D DF77:4:6?E C6D@FC46D E@ 5@ D@[ >2?J H@F=5 49@@D6 E96 =2EE6C[ D2:5 *@F[ E96 &?:G6CD:EJ @7 x==:?@:D C6D62C496C]k^Am

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