Skin and Syntax: Large Language Models in Dermatopathology

This literature review introduces the integration of Large Language Models (LLMs) in the field of dermatopathology, outlining their potential benefits, challenges, and prospects. It discusses the changing landscape of dermatopathology with the emergence of LLMs. The potential advantages of LLMs include a streamlined generation of pathology reports, the ability to learn and provide up-to-date information, and simplified patient education. Existing instances of LLMs encompass diagnostic support, research acceleration, and trainee education. Challenges involve biases, data privacy and quality, and establishing a balance between AI and dermatopathological expertise. Prospects include the integration of LLMs with other AI technologies to improve diagnostics and the improvement of multimodal LLMs that can handle both text and image input. Our implementation guidelines highlight the importance of model transparency and interpretability, data quality, and continuous oversight. The transformative potential of LLMs in dermatopathology is underscored, with an emphasis on a dynamic collaboration between artificial intelligence (AI) experts (technical specialists) and dermatopathologists (clinicians) for improved patient outcomes.


AI; LLM; artificial intelligence; dermatopathology; large language models.

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