Revolutionizing Work: A Conversation on Generative AI and HR Innovation 01/23 by Steve Boese Trish Steed

Revolutionizing Work: A Conversation on Generative AI and HR Innovation

Hosts: Steve Boese & Trish Steed

Guest: Anthony Abbatiello, Workforce Transformation Leader, PwC

Today, we met with Anthony Abbatiello from PwC to explore the transformative impact of Generative AI on businesses and the evolving workforce. We dive into the AI era, discovering the disruptive potential of Gen AI, along with responsible AI adoption in HR, emphasizing talent development, upskilling, and employee experience. Listen in to gain insights into the ethical use of AI, making HR processes strategic and employee-centric. Whether you’re a business leader or an HR professional, this episode provides practical tips and perspectives on navigating the evolution of work.

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