Nvidia dropped Chat with RTX, and it’s FREE


As technology advances, protecting our privacy becomes increasingly vital. Traditional AI chat options often raise concerns due to their reliance on cloud-based processing. However, NVIDIA’s Chat with RTX introduces a pioneering solution. This cutting-edge application allows users to develop their own AI chatbot directly on their PC, ensuring complete control and security. Unlike its counterparts, Chat with RTX operates offline, safeguarding your conversations and data from external threats. By prioritizing user privacy through local processing, it eliminates the risks associated with cloud-based services. Chat with RTX is a secure alternative that is easily accessible and free, making it a game-changer in the AI chat landscape. Discover more about this revolutionary tool and how to install it for yourself.

What is Chat with RTX?

Introducing an innovative application from NVIDIA that revolutionizes your chat experience. This new app lets you deploy your AI chatbot directly on your PC. Its ability to operate locally sets it apart, ensuring privacy and speed. Plus, it works seamlessly offline, providing uninterrupted conversations without compromising your data security.

Features of NVIDIA Chat with RTX

Let’s explore some amazing features:

Runs locally on your PC

Chat with RTX operates entirely on your local PC, ensuring your interactions and data remain private. This tool allows you to use an entire folder as a dataset, giving you the flexibility to ask questions and get insights based on its contents. It supports various file formats, including .txt, .pdf, and .doc, making it versatile for different documents you might want to analyze or query. This functionality enhances your ability to access and utilize information stored in your local files quickly.

Get Answers from YouTube

This innovative tool enhances your YouTube viewing experience by allowing you to delve deep into video content through its transcript analysis feature. Copy the URL of a YouTube video, paste it here, and pose any questions you have about the video’s content. Whether it’s a detailed explanation, a summary, or specific information, this tool can extract insights directly from the video’s transcript. Moreover, it’s not limited to single videos; you can leverage this capability with an entire YouTube playlist, turning a collection of videos into a comprehensive dataset for analysis. This feature empowers users to understand the content more deeply, making it an invaluable resource for learners, researchers, and the curious alike.

Choosing an AI model

You can choose your own AI model from Ilama or Mistral. Mistral 7B is a popular choice.

Choosing a Dataset

You can choose from 3 types of datasets to use.

• Folder Path (local folders)

• YouTube URL (YouTube videos)

• AI model default (default chatbot)


Chat with RTX offers an ideal solution for users who prioritize privacy while engaging with applications like ChatGPT. By operating locally and eliminating the need for an internet connection, Chat with RTX ensures that all interactions remain confidential. This setup gives users the peace of mind that their data and conversations are not stored or transmitted online, thus maintaining a high level of privacy and security. Whether it’s discussing sensitive topics or simply preferring a private digital space, Chat with RTX caters to those who seek a secure environment for their AI interactions.

How to install NVIDIA Chat with RTX?

Visit NVIDIA, download the package, and install it on your PC.

You need to have an NVIDIA GPU, and the file size should be 35GB.

Read the full system requirements before downloading.


Chat with RTX marks a significant shift in AI chat applications. By prioritizing user privacy and local processing, NVIDIA empowers users to take control of their conversations and data. This offline approach starkly contrasts traditional cloud-based solutions, which often raise security concerns. Whether you’re a privacy-conscious individual, a data enthusiast working with sensitive information, or simply someone who values having complete control over your AI experience, Chat with RTX offers a compelling alternative.

Furthermore, Chat with RTX boasts an impressive range of features that cater to diverse user needs.  The ability to leverage local processing power unlocks a world of possibilities, from running your own AI chatbot on your PC to extracting information from text documents, PDFs, and YouTube videos. The option to choose from different AI models, such as the popular Mistral 7B, allows users to tailor the chat experience to their specific requirements. With its versatility, security, and ease of use, Chat with RTX is poised to become a game-changer in AI chat experiences. So, ditch the cloud-based concerns and embrace the future of AI chat – download NVIDIA’s Chat with RTX today. It’s free, powerful, and under your complete control.

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