Enhance your ChatGPT and Gemini AI skills with this $30 bundle

TL;DR: Through May 5, learn more about AI for generating text, images, automating tasks, and streamlining your workload when you enroll in the ChatGPT and Gemini AI course bundle for $29.99. 

Knowing how to use ChatGPT isn’t the same thing as being an expert in AI. Just getting the AI to respond to a prompt is simple. Being able to use AI for advanced projects and automation may require a bit more practice. 

If you want to enhance your own understanding and AI skills, consider enrolling in this ChatGPT and Gemini AI online learning bundle. This comprehensive introduction to AI shows you how to use AI tools for marketing, social media, education, automation, and more. All content is available for life, so you can set your own pace. And for a limited time, you can sign up for just $29.99. 

Use AI like a pro

This course bundle includes 65 video lectures with 10 hours of content to study. Lectures cover how to use AI to generate text for marketing, blogs, and scripts for generating images for social media, presentations, and web design. 

While the bundle covers the well-known AI tool ChatGPT, you’ll also learn skills for Gemini AI, Bard, and DALL-E 2, among others. What you’re studying isn’t all theoretical. Learners also get the chance to take on real-world projects to see how AI can help you efficiently solve problems

We should note that the “e-degree” offered by the course isn’t the same as getting a formal degree from a university. The certificate is for course completion only.

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If you’re struggling to master skills like prompt engineering on your own, then this could was designed to help you become more than a superficial AI user. Get this ChatGPT and Gemini course bundle on sale for $29.99. 

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