Debating Artificial General Intelligence | by Futurist Gerd Leonhard | Jul, 2024

Join me for these Livestream shows on Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) July 18 /19

Join me for these Livestream shows on Artificial General Intelligence (AGI):

July 18th 6pm CET | 19th 9am CET (to fit your timezone): Futurist Gerd Leonhard

During these special livestream events, I will present my arguments: On the one hand, IA (Intelligent Assistance), and some forms of less narrow AI could indeed be very beneficial to humanity, on the other hand the idea of developing AGIs i.e., ‘generally intelligent digital entities’ (as set forth by Sam Altman / OpenAI and others) represents an existential risk, imho — and one that should not be undertaken or controlled by private enterprises, multi-national corporations or venture-capital funded startups. I am gathering many powerful arguments why I believe we need to regulate or even HaltAGI (and could we??) and will deliver them in this session, followed by an open debate with some special guests.

Please note that there will be 2 sessions with the same (or similar) content but timed to fit your timezone (yes, both will be available on my YT channel afterwards):

July 18, 6pm CET for EU/Americas: LinkedIn | Youtube (Hit Notify bell!)

July 19, 9am CET for EU / UK / APAC, AUS/NZ / INDIA et al: LinkedIn | YouTube

In my presentations, I will explain:

  • What the difference is between IA/AI and AGI or ASI (super-intelligence), and why it matters. as we talk about standards, regulation and global agreements
  • Why I believe we need a global AGI-Non-Proliferation-Agreement, now
  • How we might about solving the current impasse

I will present for some 25 minutes (assuming I can restrain myself 🙂 and I will then answer your questions and comments. I will have some special live-video / call-in guests on this show and will take realtime-questions via LinkedIn, YT and Twitter. All in all it should be an exciting 60 minutes!

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Below via Twitter: “Amazon’s new 1000MW nuclear powered datacenter campus. Dario was right Dario Amodei 01:14:36:There was a running joke that the way building AGI would look is, there would be a data center next to a nuclear power plant next to a bunker.We’d all live in the bunker and everything would be local so it wouldn’t get on the Internet.”

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