ChatGPT now lets you pull other GPTs into the chat

ChatGPT can invite more of its chatbot chums to the party, as users can now directly mention other GPTs to bring them into the conversation. Cool, we guess?

Paying ChatGPT subscribers can extend an invitation to third-party generative pre-trained transformers (GPTs) powered by OpenAI by typing the @ symbol to tag them from a list of suggested apps. The chat-crashing GPT will directly join and have “the full context of the conversation”, according to a tweet by the company.

You can search directly for a GPT or browse recent and pinned chatbots, and you’ll see a short description of the functionality of each bot in the search results.

Only the people who pay for the $20-per-month ChatGPT Plus subscription service can access both the GPT Store and the new in-chat @ mention feature. New subs were halted in November after a reported surge in sign-ups, but they’re now available again.

The announcement comes just weeks after OpenAI launched its own GPT Store, where people and companies who have built their own chatbots using the company’s AI can make them publicly available. Since OpenAI announced GPTs in Nov. 2023, over 3 million custom versions of ChatGPT have been created, the company says. These range from popular apps like AllTrails launching personalised hike recommendations to Khan Academy’s Code Tutor and a chatbot for design platform Canva.

But as always, and we can’t stress this enough, just be wary of what you’re punching into that ChatGPT conversation.

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