Artificial General Intelligence. What is Artificial General Intelligence… | by Amandeep Singh Johar | Apr, 2024

Microsoft and OpenAI’s commitment to AGI

Microsoft and OpenAI are working to create AGI that can multiply the ways AI can improve our lives. This collaborative endeavor is grounded in a commitment to safe and 3 responsible AGI implementation as well as a focus on addressing global issues such as climate change and healthcare.

While AGI has yet to be created, current generative AI models like Copilot have already opened new doors. Be a part of the great journey by trying the AI companion today.

Source:- https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/bing/do-more-with-ai/artificial-general-intelligence?form=MA13KP

Capabilities of AGI

➡️ AGI is engineered to grasp the cause-and-effect dynamics, allowing the model to comprehend the consequences of specific actions.

➡️ In terms of sensory perception, AGI can comprehend various types of sensory input, such as recognizing colors, perceiving depth, and interpreting 3D static images.

➡️ AGI is expected to execute tasks that typically necessitate fine motor skills, like retrieving keys from a pocket or solving a Rubik’s cube.

➡️ Unlike current AI, which can present relevant information based on programmed instructions but lacks true comprehension or contextual understanding, AGI would possess the capability to understand context and demonstrate comprehension.

➡️ AGI will possess problem-solving abilities, discerning when a problem arises and determining the steps needed for resolution, albeit similar capabilities exist in AI, requiring training and adherence to predefined parameters.

Regarding creativity, AGI’s creativity manifests in its capacity to rewrite its own code, leading to enhanced understanding and adaptive responses to situations.

Similar to its sensory perception capabilities, AGI will be engineered to recognize emotions conveyed through facial expressions, vocal tones, and body language, facilitating social and emotional engagement.

The primary distinction lies in the breadth of tasks. AGI would demonstrate the ability to smoothly shift between tasks, showcasing a level of adaptability and versatility that surpasses that of traditional AI.

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