Artificial General Intelligence Jobs in India, 2024

In recent years, the field of artificial intelligence () has evolved rapidly, offering both exciting possibilities and challenges. As efforts to develop machines with human-like cognitive capabilities continue, India has emerged as an important country in this global effort. This article takes a detailed look at the AGI project in India in 2024.

Computer Vision Engineer

Image and video analysis, object recognition, and development of cognitive algorithms.Proficiency in computer vision techniques, deep learning algorithms (e.g., CNNs, RNNs), graphics, and programming skills (Python, OpenCV).

AI / Gen AI Architect

Design and develop AI frameworks, frameworks, and algorithms that can support large and sophisticated . Evaluate and select the right AI technologies, tools, and systems to achieve the performance, accuracy, and flexibility you desire.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) Engineer

Produced by systems that understand human language. Knowledge of NLP libraries (NLTK, spaCy), knowledge of deep learning models for NLP projects, experience with pre-scripting techniques, and programming skills (Python).

Robotics Technologist

Development of robotic systems and algorithms for automation and autonomy. Proficiency in robotic systems (ROS), experience in robotic sensory applications, programming skills (Python, C++), and knowledge of AI techniques for robotics.

Artificial Intelligence Operations Engineer

Design and deploy cloud-based AI systems on AWS, Azure, or GCP. Design, build, and maintain data pipelines. Experience in cloud engineering, DevOps, or related AI. Hands-on experience with Azure OpenAI or Google Vertex AI.

AI Business Professional

Role: Apply AI technologies for marketing strategies, customer segmentation, and personalized campaigns. Understanding of marketing principles, data analytics skills, automation of AI tools, and communication skills.

AI research scientist

Conduct research to improve and find innovative solutions. Strong mathematical skills, knowledge of programming languages ​​(Python, C++), experience with deep learning, natural language processing, and computing so in the vision.

Conclusion: As India embraces the era of , the demand for skilled labor continues to grow. By investing in education, promoting innovation, and addressing ethical considerations, India can position itself as a global leader in AGI research and development

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