Anthropic’s ChatGPT rival Claude is now available on iOS

Claude, Anthropic’s ChatGPT competitor now has a free iOS app.

The artificial intelligence company shared the announcement on its blog today, in addition to a new Teams plan — a paid subscription with strict safety and privacy guardrails and collaborative features.

While OpenAI’s large language models have held ChatGPT at the top of the leaderboard since the start of the generative AI craze, Anthropic’s Claude models shouldn’t be underestimated. Anthropic was founded by former OpenAI employees including siblings Dario and Daniela Amodei who are now the CEO and President respectively. The Anthropic founders reportedly left OpenAI over “differences over the group’s direction” after taking investment from Microsoft in 2019 and founded Anthropic as the reliable and safe alternative that balances profit and purpose with its organizational status as a public benefit corporation. For the record, Anthropic has investment from Google.

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But how do the Claude models stack up against ChatGPT? In a comparison conducted by Anthropic, the lightweight Claude Haiku, medium Claude Sonnet, and powerful Claude Opus scored similarly to GPT-4 and GPT-3.5 on common benchmarks. Claude Sonnet which is included in the free plan — and now available on iOS surpassed GPT-3.5 on all benchmarks.

The Claude Pro subscription, which costs $20 will also get you access to Anthropic’s most powerful model Claude Opus.

Specs for the iOS app include syncing across mobile and desktop and vision capabilities, which means it can understand, analyze, and contextualize images shared with the app. Unfortunately, the Claude iOS app lags behind ChatGPT in image generating. For ChatGPT Plus subscribers, users can access DALL-E 3 on mobile and desktop, whereas Claude doesn’t offer those capabilities yet.

iOS users can download the Claude app through this link. Good luck trying to find it otherwise, because there are a lot of other copycats on the app store. You’ll know you’ve found the right one if it says it’s by Anthropic PBC.

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