AGI Still a Distant Dream, Says Baidu’s Robin Li

Robin Li, co-founder and CEO of artificial intelligence (AI) firm Baidu, suggests that although many worry about the fast progress of AI, artificial general intelligence (AGI) is still more than a decade away.

AGI refers to a theoretical AI system that exceeds human cognitive abilities, which continues to raise concerns about its potential dangers to humanity.

Robin Li addressed these concerns during a panel discussion at VivaTech Paris 2024, emphasizing that AI technology is still far from achieving AGI.

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During the panel, Li stated:

I think <AGI> is more than 10 years away <…>. Today’s most powerful models are far from that. We don’t know how to achieve that level of intelligence yet.

Li emphasizes that developers should prioritize using AI technology to address societal issues. Addressing these concerns, he believes, will advance the foundational AI models, moving us closer to AGI.

Despite the fears surrounding AGI, Li states that the development of this technology could address worries related to the population decline. If AI reaches human-level intelligence, it could potentially resolve human issues, as it would offer productivity equivalent to a billion people.

Overall, the journey towards AGI is seen as a path to solving critical societal issues and enhancing human productivity.

On the other hand, Warren Buffett, Chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, took a more pessimistic view on AI, even going to the extent of likening its disruptive potential to that of nuclear weapons.

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