A 5% Rise in Visits and 7.6% in Page Views in Just One Month

In what seems like a classic case of reality versus expectation, Elon Musk’s latest tweet throws a humorous jab at media narratives. “Turns out that if a product is compelling, people use it lol,” Musk quipped, responding to claims that his brainchild,, is losing steam. The stats, however, tell a different story.

DogeDesigner’s recent data drop shows isn’t just chugging along; it’s practically sprinting. Last month, the platform clocked in 6.1 billion visits, a nifty 5% jump from September. Page views? A whopping 62 billion, up 7.6%. These numbers don’t just count; they electrify the digital landscape.

Traditional media, meanwhile, seems to be playing a game of catch-up. It’s like using a flip phone in a smartphone world – charming but not quite cutting it. One user’s comment captures this shift: “You cannot be a platform that allows almost every opinion to be aired and lose traffic.” They’re getting 99% of their news from, which is “like days ahead of traditional media.” Talk about being ahead of the curve!

Another user’s take is equally telling. They hail as the “best social platform” for political banter. Given the current landscape, where a tweet can spark more debates than a town hall meeting, that’s saying something.

Remember when we thought video calls were sci-fi material? Now, they’re as common as a standard weekday.’s surge is a bit like that. It’s not just a platform; it’s a cultural shift. Musk, known for turning skeptics into believers (electric cars, anyone?), seems to be on a similar path with

As continues to grow, it’s not just a win for Musk. It’s a nudge to traditional media – evolve or get left behind in the digital dust. In this fast-paced, meme-loving world, is not just surviving; it’s thriving, with a wink and a nod from its creator.

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